Child Care

  • Comprehensive Curriculum With Holistic Development & Learning

    Initium Academy’s curriculum is designed to be diverse, in-depth, and interesting, yet cover fundamentals such as learning to read, being quick with math problem-solving, and writing well. Adapted from a variety of teaching styles, Initium Academy’s daily curriculum is also supported by focused enrichment programmes that target a specific area of learning. Learned skills are then incorporated into thematic learning, so that children are well-equipped to draw their own connections and discover for themselves. Our materials are carefully selected to engage the child but open-ended enough for them create their own learning landscape.
  • Reading

    We run a structured, progressive reading programme in which each individual child has their own set of books.

    There are also supporting materials to reinforce new words read and related vocabulary. Further practice is provided through phonics and creative writing exercises.

  • Chinese

    Chinese enrichment guides the child.

    Children are closely guided to become more proficient in a second language, broadening their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

  • Music

    Our carefully designed music programme, taught by a dedicated music teacher, aims to expose children to a variety of music and movement styles.

    From the early-on nursery rhymes and songs to the more complex dances and music theory, various aspects of music such as classical and modern styles, culture, instruments, genres, and the performing arts are emphasized.

  • Art

    At art enrichment, the art teacher focuses on developing the children’s skills and art techniques so that they can create their own works of art.

    Art enrichment provides an avenue for children to express their thoughts and ideas creatively as they are equipped with the necessary skills that meet developmental milestones.

  • Math

    During math enrichment, teachers have the opportunity to reinforce specific math topics.

    They also guide the children in more complex practice so that they can apply learned skills to everyday situations.

  • Character Education

    Just as important as academic learning.

    Topics such as being self-aware, relating to others, handling negative emotions and feelings, what to do in certain situations, and life values are covered in age-appropriate lessons.