Infant Care

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    Birth-three years is the most crucial growing stage in a child’s development. Their physical skills, emotions and personality, social awareness, and cognitive thinking abilities are developing rapidly.

    Research has shown that children who are emotionally deprived or under extreme stress develop very differently from children raised in a loving, responsive environment. In fact, emotional responses, attention given and language development are closely linked. Experiences in a sensory-rich environment helps infants to regulate and express emotions, forming close, secure relationships which results in enhanced learning skills. Here are the key features of Initium Academy’s Infant-Care Programme:

    • Care-giving
    • Relationship-building
    • Baby-friendly
    • Sensorial
    • Fun
  • Infant Care

  • Care-giving.

    At Initium Academy, we provide a warm, cozy and safe environment with consistent routine care by well-trained caregivers. Our infant-care teachers’ primary focus is to provide security and familiarity for infants. The practice of a Primary-Care System enables infant-care teachers to be focused on the tracking of specific infants’ developmental milestones.


    We strive to establish close relationships and secure attachments with our infants and their parents. This results in a comforting base from which the child can explore the learning environment without fear. Well-adjusted infants develop into cheerful and popular preschoolers!

  • Baby-friendly.

    Skill-building outdoor and indoor activities are age-appropriate. As infants’ development vary greatly from month to month, activities that range from quiet observation and reading time to closely-supervised movement and music-making are tailored specially to meet your baby at their developmental level.


    Our infant-care programme is supported by carefully-chosen games and toys for strengthening growing muscles and improving coordination, as well as role-play for stimulating the imagination and developing early language skills.


    Daily activities are designed first and foremost to be fun; it is Initium Academy’s belief that overall developmental progress and learning will naturally follow.

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